Today in the city Monroe 25.06.2018
The Best Hourglass Figures of all Time: Marilyn Monroe, Beyonce, and More

A look back at all the iconic women who've honed their sultry physiques through the years, from Jessica Rabbit to Beyoncé.

Vine Is Dead, But The Internet Is Determined To Keep It Alive

“Why you always lyin’?”“Put ‘em in the coffin.”“Back at it again at Krispy Kreme."These are the hilariously bizarre phrases that continue to fill the texts of teens and twenty-somethings today.Such is...

Beyoncé Lets Her Outfits Do The Talking In Everything Is Love's First Video

We’ve said it before an we’ll say it again: it’s Beyoncé and Jay Z’s world, and we’re just living in it. While you were sipping on frosé on some rooftop or binge-watching season two of Queer Eye, the...

How To Speak Wine Like You're Wise Beyond Your Years

What do millennials love aside from cold brew, avocado toast, and the color pink? Wine. Millennials order wine out and drink wine in (where pants are optional). As the first generation to prefer it ov...

A hot dog bus and a snowman in June: the best in US public art this summer

With skyscraper video art in California and 26ft statue of Marilyn Monroe in Connecticut, there are now even more reasons to stay outside this seasonSpending time in a museum doesn’t always seem like...

Marilyn Monroe's Love Nest Opens As A Luxe New Suite

The Lexington Hotel debuts its new suite dedicated to Marilyn Monroe in time for what would have been the icon's 92nd birthday.

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